Fix Clogged Drains Fast with Our Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services in Tempe, AZ

Don’t let a clogged drain ruin your pipes or bring your day to a screeching halt! Instead, call the best plumbers near you for sewer and drain cleaning services in Tempe, AZ.

Clogged drains cause all sorts of problems and can make it difficult to finish daily chores. In extreme cases, clogged drains can even leave behind water damage. At Tempe Discount Plumbing & Drain, we get to you fast and deliver effective results. All of our work is guaranteed, so you always have complete peace of mind when we’re on the job. Our 24-hour emergency drain cleaning services in Tempe, AZ, makes it easy to accommodate nearly every schedule, so you never have to wait long.

Signs of a Clogged Drain

Some drain clogs are obvious. Others aren’t always obvious to the naked eye right away. If you notice any of the following signs at your home, call us right away:

  • Water backs up from a kitchen or bathroom sink drain
  • Water pools around shower drains
  • Water drains slower than normal
  • When you run the sink, the toilet water bubbles
  • Other drains make gurgling noises when you run water-using appliances like the dishwasher or the washing machine
  • You catch an odor of rotten food coming from your kitchen sink drains
  • Foul sewage odors waft up from one or more drains in your home

How Do I  Clear a Clogged Drain?

We love that homeowners want to take the initiative and fix minor plumbing problems. Clearing a clogged drain using a plunger or hand auger are two options for DIY fixes. However, make sure you’re using the right plunger. Toilet clogs require a plunger with a flange extending from the bell. This flange allows for greater suction. Sink or floor drain clogs are cleared easier using a flat plunger that doesn’t have a flange.

Some drain clogs, especially sewer clogs, can’t be cleared using a plunger or simple hand auger. Deep clogs require a more aggressive approach and professional tools. The tool we use to clear these deep clogs in water pipes and sewer lines is call the hydro-jetter. Some plumbers also call this tool a water-jetter.

Hydro-jetting is a powerful drain cleaning method that cuts through thick clogs that have grown in size over the years. This method is so effective that it can cut through tree roots that have grown into sewer pipes and even break apart and wash away concrete residue in pipes leftover from construction.

To learn more about our high-tech methods for cleaning the dirties sewer and water pipes, call us today. You deserve the best sewer and drain cleaning services in Tempe!